2016 Ford Fiesta

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Used 2016 Ford Fiesta at Sheridan Ford for New Castle, DE

The Ford Fiesta is now an accepted part of the small-car landscape after 6 model years. The sporty, expressive looks and enjoyable driving character of the Fiesta set it apart from more prosaic subcompacts. The Fiesta proves that small cars are no longer the stereo-typically grim appliance-like boxes of the 90's. Changes for 2016 are minimal. The biggest addition for 2016 was the Sync 3 infotainment system to replace the somewhat controversial MyFord Touch interface. The Fiesta also received an SE Black Package and a few new color choices. 

Under the Fiesta's Hood

The 2016 Fiesta does a fantastic job showing that it has more performance abilities than it actually does, and great steering and suspension tuning is key to this. The electric power steering system has the right amount of feedback and weighting, and the Fiesta feels nimble and responsive, but secure enough for highway trips. With the standard 4-cylinder engine, if you're willing to keep the revs up, you will be satisfied with the performance that you can extract from the Fiesta. It is plenty to move the 2,600 lb. car nicely. There is a sense of responsiveness you might not expect considering it is a car that can hit 40 mpg. The 1.0-liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder engine, available in manual-equipped Fiesta SFE models, makes 123 hp. That's more power than the base four, and it uses less fuel to boot. The little turbo three has a distinctive engine note that sets it apart from the indistinguishable sounds of all the 4-cylinder subcompacts on the market. A kind of thrumming sound arises as the engine speed rises.

Design of Ford Fiesta

For the interior, the Fiesta is one of the sharper entries in this class. The soft-touch upper dash, substantial dash and door trim, and quality seat fabrics give the car a slightly upscale feel. The newly available Sync 3 system, with a 6.5" touchscreen, is also a feature you'd expect on a more expensive car. With the arched roof-line, crisp profile, and wedge-like side view, there's a lot to like about the Fiesta's exterior proportions. The headlights sweep well back into the fenders, and the wide-mouthed Ford grille, with lower bodywork, helps give it a somewhat more macho look from the front. High-mounted taillights rise into the rear pillars, in a position that's both functional and stylish.

Where is Sheridan Ford located?

We can be found in Wilmington, Delaware, and we serve all of the local areas! Directions

Where can I find your other Ford vehicles?

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How can I buy parts for my car?

We have a full selection of certified Ford parts at Sheridan Ford. To find out more, take a look at our  Parts Center


Ford offers a number of big-car features and amenities on the Fiesta, which marks a departure from how small cars have traditionally been configured in the past.  Top-of-the-line Titanium model includes leather heated seats, automatic climate control, heated side mirrors, Sync 3, Sony premium audio, and other extras that make it feel far better equipped than you might expect in a low-cost small car. Give us a call for more information on the 2016 Ford Fiesta today!

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